My Vision

To achieve World Peace, one person at a time through helping each person learn Self-Love, & achieve Self-Mastery, through Exercise of the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Believe in Love. Love Yourself First. Love is the Way.

My Story

Trust the Process.

My story took years to process this thing called life, and I'm not done, but what I did learn, I'm using it to help others achieve freedom through learning to love themselves.

My journey in Self-Mastery started at the age of 17 when I studied zen based martial arts, (martial arts that included Meditation). It was through the Meditation that I could feel a greater Awareness of myself, and was brought with an overall physical feeling of Peace & Well-Being. The Exercise & Training solidified the feeling.

My journey into Health & Fitness continued when I joined the US Army after high-school. After my 4 years of service, I moved to New York City to become a Personal Trainer.

Even though I trained the wealthy & celebrities, and made a lot of money, I was slapped with the reality that money does not make you happy, for I saw it first-hand in my clients who had "everything," or could get whatever they wanted, whenever, but even still, it was often times they would never express happiness, gratitude, or contentment.

I then had life happen to me at the age of 30, and I went into a major depression. I also constantly saw other trainers have "perfect bodies," but they treated their fellow colleagues poorly. This made me separate further away from what the Health & Fitness Industry says is "Healthy," and decided to embody more the Mental Health & Emotional Health aspects into my Training.

I studied Psychology, Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, and returned to my regular habits of Meditation, Self-Reflection, & Journal Writing.

My journey into Health continued with deciding to leave New York City, and move to a more healthier state, Hawaii.

It was in Hawaii that I learned that I am an Empath, and that helped explain why all my life I've been so sensitive to energies.

Now I help people, achieve Self-Mastery, learning Self-Love, gaining greater awareness, & control of themselves through Exercise, Meditation, Self-Reflection, Journal Writing, Nutrition, Affirmation, Visualization, & Positive Thinking.

Let's Go...

You read this far, so let's get started on your journey towards Self-Mastery!