Personal Training (1-on-1 or Online)

Through Personal Training with me, you will learn Exercises to strengthen your Body in the most efficient manner. Scientifically proven!

You will become more aware of your breathing to ensure you give maximum effort in your exercises.

You will learn Breathing Techniques to assist in Stress Management, and/or learn Meditation.

8 week & 12 week custom program design options for 1-on-1 or, Online Clientele.

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Life Coaching/Counseling (1-on-1 or Online)

Receive the Guidance to take back control of Your Life, or Achieve the Goals/Dreams that are still on your list.

You will learn the Power of Affirmation, Visualization, & Positive Thinking .

Achieve faster success through Exercise, Self-Reflection, Meditation, Journal Writing, Good Hydration/Nutrition.

8 week & 12 week programs available for 1-on-1 or Online Clientele.

*Counseling is not Psychiatric Therapy for mental disorders. For any mental disorders, please go to the appropriate professional.*

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Book: "I Am Love."

Start your journey with the perfect book to help keep you focused!

I Am Love is a book designed as both a book of Affirmations, and a Self-Reflection Journal!

There are 31 Affirmations for the month, and each Affirmation contains a blank page on the side for you to be able to write or draw your Self-Reflections, Thoughts, or Feelings.

Your journey to Self-Mastery is Now, and it begins, by going Within!

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My Mission

Is to help guide people to Love themselves more through Exercise of the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Self-Love is the Key to Self-Mastery.

I use the following to help people achieve this in their lifetime;


-Breathing Exercises/Meditation.

-Self-Reflection/Journal Writing.

-Affirmations/Visualization/Positive Thinking.

Believe in Love. Love Yourself First. Love is the Way.

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